Bath | Kitchen

Our showroom offers a fine selection of products from traditional, to modern, and contemporary. We provide our clients with a variety of the most exceptional brands. 

If you're working on a home improvement project or building your home from the ground up, whether it’s your new bathroom, or upgrading your kitchen, we are here to ensure your vision is fully realized. 

Coupled with our selection of brands, each team member in our showroom has specialized knowledge to help you find the answers you may be looking for. Start to finish, our team provides the highest standard of service.

Home improvement is a very involved process. With the end result in sight, we want you to be able to step back and enjoy having the most seamless and memorable experience possible.  




From faucets for the bath, to the kitchen, custom shower systems, or accessories, the choices can be endless. 

Whether it’s a seaside escape bathroom or a kitchen under the Tuscan sun, our selection of fixtures allow us to help you attend to every detail of your ideal space. 


Beneath the surface, there are many plumbing systems available to operate your new bathroom or kitchen. The wealth of knowledge available within our team can help you choose what is best to fit the needs of your new home and bring it to life.



Tile & Stone

At your fingertips with some of the best tile & stone sourced from the Pacific Northwest or from the more exotic locations like Spain- the world is yours to touch. 

Among our curated collection are beautiful hand-painted ceramic tiles and uniquely rare stone mosaics. With such a distinctive offering, we can help you with those finishing touches to enhance the beauty of your home. 


Discover something sublime. In our showroom, you will find exquisite tile & stone that is handcrafted through and through. Our assortment ranges from radiant metallic to lustrous glass, from mosaics with a classic ode or to something with a more modern twist. We've handpicked the best materials for you to choose from to create an elegant focal point that will dazzle everyone in sight.

You will be stunned by the craftsmanship. Every piece is created by the finest artisans world over. With our personalized service and selection, we are here to help you refine your home into something truly outstanding.


A whole new experience.

No matter how big or small the project, transforming your home is no easy task. Our showroom is equipped with the most knowledgeable team; paired with our expertise and the finest medley of products, we can tailor our services to fit your needs. Beginning to end, your new home and your experience will be unmatched.  


Let's create something beautiful together.